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Welcome to SAGA!

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Any Story, Any Platform... Game and Learn!


Welcome to the SAGA wiki.  On this wiki, we'll be sharing all of our work, curriculum development, ideas, and of course, student projects developed through the year.  The Story and Game Academy encourages students to explore the rich storytelling worlds that many of today's best games offer.  In addition, we encourage our learners to use building and modification tools available for many popular games to tell their own stories through the medium of video gaming.


Please feel free to explore the site and to use our work to support your own game-based learning projects.  We are very interested in growing our community.  It is our goal that this project serve as a model and resource for other educators interested in bringing video game-based learning into their classrooms and media centers.  We'll be exploring a variety of platforms including:  XBox, Playstation, iPad, PC, and portable devices, too.  Please visit often to see the latest updates.




Here's a great video by leading game developers about the art of storytelling in video games:



Project News/Journal


11/20/12 - Gillispie - Overdue updates:  Our student teams have all unlocked new games for the class library and they're playing through those.  Games they chose include:  StarCraft II, GuildWars 2, Rayman: Origins, Castle Crashers, and Star Wars - Kinect.  In addition, they've unlocked new quest missions, opening new activities that they can do with the games they play.  These include:  building game levels, video game-inspired art, and creating video game commercials.  Fun!


9/14/12 - Gillispie - Intro to SAGA presentation is available:


9/11/12 - Gillispie - Big push in curriculum development today for SAGA.  3DGameLab is a huge resource for helping to design the class.  Want to see the quest tree as it develops?  Check out this Popplet - http://popplet.com/app/#/341187


8/27/12 - Gillispie - Opening Day of SAGA!  Students nearly fell out of their chairs when we explained how the class is actually a game (more on the structure later).  One kid said, "I've had a rough first day, but this has made it all better.  I can't wait to come back."  (And he hasn't even touched a game yet!)


Our furniture is assembled (Thanks, maintenance staff!) and our TV's are mounted (Thanks, Glenn Rogers!).  Take a look at this incredible learning space that's taking shape:


SAGA - Learning Space


7/30/12 - Gillispie - Presenting SAGA for the first time at Games in Education this week in New York!





7/5/12 - Gillispie - Added Parental Involvement page with resources on games for parents.


7/2/2012 - Gillispie - Added Games We're Exploring.


6/29/12 - Gillispie - Two big announcements today:  first, Congrats to Sara Toothman and West Pender Middle!  Their Kickstarter for the Warrior Gaming Lair was fully funded and will use elements of the SAGA program.  Secondly, the awesome folks at Steam have started a program called Teach With Portals in an effort to partner with schools bringing Portal 2 and the Portal 2 level editor to schools.  PCS was just granted 60 licenses to participate!  This is great for our kids!  


6/28/12 - Gillispie - Development is moving forward!  Students in the program will follow three paths/career choices in the course:  Game Reviewer, Story Analyst, and Story Creator.  For Game Reviewer, there are two guides, The Game Review Writing Guide for students (SAGA-GameReviewGuide.pdf) and the Game Review Rubric for students and teachers (SAGA-GameReview-Rubric.pdf).  Both are adapted by resources created by the game community.


6/18/12 - Gillispie - Our SAGA classroom renovations are underway at Cape Fear Middle.  Walls are painted, furniture will be delivered soon!  It's very exciting to consider the possibilities of what we do with a new learning space.


6/4/12 - Gillispie - Added SAGA-GameLog.pdf.  Students will use this to record notes, sketches, memorable phrases, vocabulary, etc., from the games they explore.


6/4/12 - Gillispie - Beginning initial course framework today.  So many logistical considerations to work through.  Moving from vision to blueprint is a fun challenge!  Of course, great to have tools like 3DGameLab to make the process smoother.  Collaborating with Craig Lawson on daily aspects of what the course will look like.



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